Clearview AI Code of Conduct

Clearview AI, Inc. makes its software tools available to law enforcement and security professionals who will use them to enhance public safety and reduce crime, fraud, and risk in order to make communities safer. As a company, we hold ourselves to the highest level of commitment to ethics, integrity and professionalism. We take every step necessary to ensure that the search tools we provide are used correctly and lawfully. Our User Code of Conduct was developed to ensure that our customers are using Clearview in a safe, ethical, professional and appropriate manner. Users should review the Code carefully before activating their Clearview account in order to make certain they will be able to adhere to these essential rules of use.

This User Code of Conduct applies to all individual users (persons who possess an individual login associated with a particular email address and password to an account on the Clearview app, hereafter, “user”, “users”,or “individual users”) and to all user organizations (organizations which have concluded a Service Agreement with Clearview AI, hereafter “user organization”, “user organizations”, or “organization”).

By registering a user account with Clearview, and by using the web application and the Clearview mobile application (collectively, the “Clearview app”), individual users and user organizations agree to be bound by this User Code of Conduct (this “Code”).

Account Security

Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password.

Users are responsible for all activities that occur under that user’s username and password. Users must immediately email the Clearview Help Desk at [email protected] to notify Clearview AI, Inc. of any unauthorized use of their username or password or any other breach of security.

Users may only access their accounts from devices that are authorized for professional use by their user organization.

The designated user is the only individual who may access and use the account.

Independent Verification

Search results established through the Clearview app and its related systems and technologies are indicative and not definitive. Clearview AI, Inc. takes every step to ensure the accuracy of its facial recognition software.

However, it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of the search results it produces. Users must conduct further research and investigation in order to verify the accuracy of any search result.

The Clearview app is neither designed nor intended to be used as a single-source system for establishing the identity of an individual, and users may not use it as such.

Furthermore, search results produced by the Clearview app are not intended nor permitted to be used as admissible evidence in a court of law or any court filing.

Appropriate and Authorized Use

The Clearview app may only be used by law enforcement and security professionals.

Users may only use the Clearview app for legitimate law enforcement and security purposes. All use of the Clearview app must be authorized by a supervisor employed by the user’s organization.

User organizations must designate an Executive User (“Administrator”), who shall have access to the search histories of all individual users associated with the User organization, and shall monitor said search history to ensure responsible use.

Users may not use the Clearview app for personal purposes, or for any purposes which are not authorized and directed by the user organization’s supervisors.

Use of the Clearview app in a fashion which contributes to harassment, stalking, cyberstalking, threats, abuse or bullying, or in violation of any state, federal or local laws, is strictly prohibited by this code of conduct.

Clearview AI, Inc. retains the right to suspend or terminate user accounts if we determine that a user or user organization has violated this section of the Code of Conduct.


Clearview AI, Inc. aspires to make the world a better place by helping qualified professionals use public information to stop crime and fraud through its proprietary technology. The Clearview User Code of Conduct is a key part of ensuring that our relationships with our customers are based on integrity, responsibility and professionalism.

We thank you for adhering to the User Code of Conduct. By doing so, you are helping us achieve our collective goal of making communities safer while adhering to the highest standards of ethics and security.